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What started out as a motto, was soon transformed into the very familiar staple in much of Algonquin’s morning, afternoon, or evening routine. Whether you’ve stopped in for your morning cup of Intelligentsia coffee, had a lunch meeting in our spacious dining area, or grabbed dinner with your family from our health-conscious food menu– chances are that you’ve heard the words “Daily Projects” before.

The name “Daily Projects” is based on the philosophy that we should all seek out personal growth on a daily basis. A philosophy which has been intentionally pursued by the founders of our Algonquin cafe. All of us at Daily Projects are excited to share in moments of personal growth and learning with our guests!

Join us for coffee, a meal, or simply a good conversation. We’d also like to open up the floor and allow you to tell us what Daily Projects means to you- whether it’s your office, your getaway, or just your favorite place to stop by before work- please leave us a comment or send us an e-mail, we’d love to hear from you!

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