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What's in Store

At Daily Projects we work with local roasters to bring you a closely curated collection of the finest quality coffee. We are proud to serve an array of expertly crafted and ethically sourced coffee beans with origins from around the world. Come check out our merchandise shelf in store to see what roasters and brewing equipment we currently have on rotation.


Intelligentsia "Daily Projects" Blend

A blend of Coffees from Burundi, 

Guatemala, & Honduras

Notes: Milk Chocolate, Mandarin & Apple

Four Letter Word Mutana 104

Natural-processed Red Bourbon produced by Long Miles Coffee

Four Letter Word Guillermo Rojas 

Washed Castillo/Colombia from Acevedo, Huila


Intelligentsia "El Diablo" Dark Roast


A blend of Coffees from Columbia

Notes: Caramelized Sugar, Molasses & Chocolate 

Metric "Daily Projects" Blend 

Roasted in Chicago

Notes: Milk Chocolate, Plum & Lime 


Intelligentsia Decaf "Librarian's Blend"


A blend of Coffees from Columbia

Notes: Chocolate, Lime & Caramelized Sugar

Kilogram Tea Organic Breakfast Blend

Sweet & malty black tea with a deep satisfying body

Kilogram Tea Organic Emerald Spring

Green tea with a savory & nutty flavor

IMG_2150 2.jpg

Miracle CBD 

To reduce stress, provide relaxation, and help sore muscles

Intelligentsia "Persephone" Blend

A blend of coffees from Burundi, Colombia, and Kenya

Notes: Mandarin, Nectarine & Florals

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